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October RDDKC show 2023

Melody rocked it!!! The entry was 0-1-0-1, we had 2 specialties and 3 all breed shows and we were up at 6am every day to drive the 45 minutes to the show grounds. She brought her A game and won Best of Breed (her first!!!!) X2 over a GChS group winning bitch. The judging comments were amazing and the breeders / handlers that showered Melody with compliments made me stutter with joy. What a weekend!

BOB X2 for 2 points (1 X specialty WIN!)
WB X3 for no points


August AKC show 2023

Melody had a blast. The entry was 2-1-0-0, we took Best of Opposite every day. We had fun in group and she did well for the biggest show in Canada being only her second show.

No points


May CKOC show 2023

Melody did so well! The entry was 1-3-0-0 and Melody tried her very hardest. The second day it paid off and we went WB and BOS for a 2 point major against adults! The best part was multiple judges and breeders telling me how beautiful she was and how sweet she was. We look forwards to our showing career!

2 points (MAJOR)

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