What we provide

  • Safe and secure yard. Our yard is Dachshund proof for both adults and puppies (proven!). We will always welcome bitches into our yard assuming they are approved for services.
  • Ethics. We take extreme pride in our kennel, our dogs, and their health and temperaments. Should any issues arise we will be the first to help you out and every contract must be signed by both parties before any money or puppies exchange hands.
  • More than just beauty queens. Our Dachshunds are titled on both ends to show their versatility and companionship, as well as workability.
  • Copies of everything. We have nothing to hide, all health testing will be provided upon request to bitch owners as well as new puppy owners. We will happily educate new breeders on the importance of health testing.

What we require

  1. Embark or equivalent testing. We require the following testing to be provided before breeding: Degenerative Myelopathy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, and if breeding to a dapple, the other dog must be tested for the dapple gene to prevent accidental double dapples. Mini wires should have Laflora testing done.
  2. Brucellosis clear within 7 days. We must receive a clear test on paper and will call your vet to confirm (permission must be given by you to your vet for us to do this).
  3. 18 months of age. We require all bitches using our services to be over 18 months of age. No exceptions.

All breeding Dachshunds should be health tested

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