Ethically bred and hand raised in Alberta

We have been registered with the American Gerbil Society since June 2020


2021 Victoria X Benson's First litter
1 Black, 1 Saffron, 2 nutmegs, 2 sapphires


Fun, active, trainable pets

Gerbils are incredibly fun and interesting first pets. They offer a wealth of information and puzzles such as color genetics and human-desensitization. You'll find your gerbil to be cuddly, smart, and affectionate.

Gerbils are awake during the day like you, and don't spend the entire night running around like hamsters.

Gerbils are not nearly as aggressive as hamsters, and almost never bite.

Gerbils are social creatures so we only ever adopt out pairs or trios. Rest-assured your gerbil will be guaranteed to be correctly sexed. We will make absolutely sure you don't end up with any surprise litters later!


We are not currently transporting animals

You must pick up your gerbils from our home, no exceptions.
We are COVID vaccinated and practise social distancing.
We encourage masking on site, but it is not required.

We are a dog friendly home so allergies may be triggered, please let us know and we can do our best to keep things hair and dander-free.

Please note due to possible outside contamination from living near a provincial park with rodents, we do NOT allow people to come inside the gerbil room.

Video chats are instead offered for peace of mind and to meet your new babies and their siblings and parents.

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