Not just a show dog

Polarose is Canadian Kennel Club reg'd

We prioritize health, temperament, workability, and conformation. We allow our Dachshunds to compete in sports that they would naturally excel at, as well as other obedience events.

Working and Showing Dachshunds

Our dogs compete in all sports that they love. From NASDA to Sprinters to Conformation and everything in between, Dachshunds are incredibly versatile dogs. 

Here Arthur Fonzarelli demonstrates a NASDA Trail and Locate Level 3 run, hunting for safely contained Gerbils. One empty (false) hide one hot (with gerbils) hide.

Arthur Fonzarelli

Health Tested

Before breeding our standards are required to finish the following heath testing:
- EMBARK panel
- CAER (formerly CERF) eye exam
- Minis will require Lafora testing in addition

ALL Dachshund breeders should perform the minimum:
Degenerative Myleopathy
Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Heart Exam


Our dogs are groomed and maintained with Artero products. We are not sponsored or paid in any ay by Artero to say this, we just love their stuff! For my grooming routine, click here

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