RWG Eye of Ender

We are VERY lucky to add Eloise to our clan, she was not supposed to be for sale but our lovely friend at Royal Wings Gerbils grudgingly handed her over (hehe!). She is my only gerbil from Singapore lines, and carries uw, a rare recessive. She's a very bold lady and promptly refused my first husband choice for her, so she's now with Parker who can handle the sass.

PRG Rich Bish - Lilac with hets

Victoria is a classy lady, she is dainty and sweet and loves her cheeks tickled. She is an excellent and caring mom, and raised Ollah's singleton with her first litter without issues. I hope to use her babies lots in the future.

Hets: aa CC DD Ee pp UwUw PROVEN

PRG No Plain Jane - Sapphire

Janie is my first home bred girl. She's lovely and has been the sweetest of her litter since day one. I can't wait to see what she produces, but she will stay with her mom until she's mature.

Hets: aa C c(chm) DD Ee pp UwUw

PRG Perfect Image

Image is a beautiful sweet girl from Ollah's litter of 5 with Prince. She has a tiny white chin but is black all over otherwise. I LOVE the shape of her head, so I'm hoping she passes it on. Her name is from one of my favourite book series as a kid: Thoroughbred.

aa CC DD EE Pp UwUw

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